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You Will Never Regret Getting It Done.

Have you been chewing on only one side of your mouth? Do you hide your smile? Are you wondering what that pain is? Irritation in the mouth is the first sign post to potentially bigger issues. Your health and smile so often depends on your proactivty to your oral health.

A Niel Armstrong moon leap forward in patient care by utilizing AI technology to scan, diagnose and form treatment plans with real time x-rays for unbiased or inaccurate diagnoses.

Black Triangle Bonding is a minimally invasive procedure that requires no alteration to the tooth and eliminates the black triangles from the base of the teeth that often capture food and harbors bacteria that can create cavities.

We use Botox for both Therapeutic and Cosmetic reasons. You get to choose! Look great while alleviating the pains of migraines and headaches! 

Prevention matters the most. Cleanings include a visual examination, xrays and recommendations to keep the mouth and body healthy.

Our in-house Smile Design brand will help you align your teeth discreetly and at a lower cost than metal braces. 

No more gaps to avoid. Implants bring a new you. A younger you. A happier you. A more permanent solution to keeping your smile whole. 

Age or accidents can have its effect on teeth but you don’t have live your life without the ability to chew, grin or make funny faces. 

A breakthrough technology in speed, accuracy and comfort in dentures. We can use the exact schematic of your old dentures and modify it with exactness.    

Early AM or late PM – our doors are open. Emergencies don’t follow normal business hours and nether do we. 

 When the mouth becomes the wild west.. sometimes it’s best to call in the sheriff. Extractions prevent further cost or health issue. Remember, sedation is always available. 

Align your teeth and correct structure of your mouth with traditional metal braces. We have fun rubber ban colors to help show off your personality through the process!

Tooth pain is so often caused by decay or infection sinking towards the root of the tooth and inflaming the tissue inside the teeth. This therapy is a lot less painless than you think. 

In-house CEREC machines allow us to customize and create a crown during your appointment that will save you both time and money.

The number one reason most don’t make it to the dentist is the anticipation of pain. So we’ve put the kibosh on painful treatments. 

Our White For Life program keeps your teeth bright like the heavens and radiant like a slow summer sunset. Who knew a new you can be achieved in just a few.

It’s just like getting your nails done. Chipped, discolored or unfavorably looking teeth take a trip to the “dental spa” and leave looking 110% better.  

Holes are created on the tooth when decay breaks through the surface of the enamel. If left untreated these holes become breeding grounds for bacteria and infection.   

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