Metal Braces

Metal Braces consist of tiny stainless steel brackets bonded to the teeth and connected by wires to move teeth into desired positions in an individual’s mouth. The archwire connecting the metal braces puts pressure on your teeth to move teeth into desired regions. Elastics – they look like tiny rubber bands – help connect the archwire to the brackets. The archwire will be adjusted periodically to match the different speeds and positions of the teeth’s realignment. 

Metal Braces are are more intrusive to the mouth than clear braces and can lead some to be self conscious of their smile during the time of their orthodontic treatment. But Metal Braces realign bite issues faster, especially gaps between the teeth. They are constructed from more durable materials than clear braces.

Disadvantages of Metal Braces are often associated with their obtrusive look. Colorful o-rings can help you personalize your mouth with your favorite team’s color or holiday themes, but inevitably the stainless steel brackets are visible with each smile. 

Metal Braces require the wearer to brush and floss for longer time periods. The brackets create more areas for food particles to collect and cause decay or white spot lesions around the brackets.

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