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Revolutionary Dental Acess

Dental Care By Subscription.

Have you ever worried about how your teeth are doing but worried even more about the bill? How many times has your mouth been in pain but without having insurance you just endured through it all? 

We’ve put a stop to limited access of dental care just because insurance won’t cover it.  By offering revolutionary subscription options, you’re in the driver seat for getting the treatments you desire at a price you deserve.

A Healthy Smiles subscription gets you access to the same routine and regular dental care you’d expect but also gives you access to so much more! 

Healthy Smiles is an alternative to high insurance prices, high interest rate buy-now-pay-later options or the use of credit cards to cover the bill. 

Quality dental care is available to you now through Healthy Smiles!

Are you looking for dental benefits for your employees?

80% of potential hires prefer better benefits to higher pay!