Price Guide

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*Costs below are our office’s standard fees for some common procedures. Total costs of treatment based on the charts below are not guaranteed as patients’ individual needs and insurance will heavily alter these costs.**Healthy Smiles is a dental membership for those that do not have dental insurance.  

Preventative Treatments

Patients Under 12 Years
TreatmentOffice FeePatients with Healthy Smiles
Regular Cleaning$89$0.00
Fluoride $44$0.00
Patients 12 Years and older
TreatmentOffice FeePatients with Healthy Smiles
Regular Cleaning$101$0.00
Fluoride $44$0.00

Gum Tissue Therapy for Periodontal Disease

*Costs are per quadrant in the mouth, there are 4 quadrants per person. **Gum tissue therapy is the treatment for gum disease and is diagnosed by a doctor or hygienist by measuring the gum tissue that surrounds each tooth and viewing bone loss on x-rays.

TreatmentOffice FeePatients with Healthy Smiles
Gum Tissue Therapy per quadrant$285$242.25
Gum Tissue Antibiotic$136$115.60
Prescription Mouth Rinse$14$14
Prescription Toothpaste $24$24

Recommended products after gum tissue therapy for best results.

Sonicare Toothbrush $149
Waterpik flosser$69

Emergency (Consultation Only)

TreatmentOffice FeePatients with Healthy Smiles
Limited Exam (Look at 1 area)$89$0.00
Panoramic X-Ray$126$0.00

1 Visit Procedures

TreatmentOffice FeePatients with Healthy Smiles
Same day crown$1,236$1,112
Root Canal $825 - $1,143$701.25 - $972

Dental Surgery

TreatmentOffice FeePatients with Healthy Smiles
Simple Extraction$213$181
Surgical Extraction$317$269
Complicated Wisdom Tooth Extraction $542$461
Sedation (per hour)$480$480

Single Tooth Implant

First Appointment (Often done as a consult)
TreatmentOffice FeePatients with Healthy Smiles
CT Image & Digital Scan for implant planning.$0.00$0.00
Implant Planning $0.00$0.00
Cost to reserve 2nd appointment $2,167$1,842
Second Appointment
TreatmentOffice FeePatients with Healthy Smiles
Guided Surgery Implant placement $0.00$0.00
Cost to reserve 3rd appointment$1,807$1,621
Third Appointment
TreatmentOffice FeePatients with Healthy Smiles
Digital Scan for final abutment and crown$0.00$0.00
Crown Fabrication$0.00$0.00
Fourth Appointment
TreatmentOffice FeePatients with Healthy Smiles
4th Appointment: Place implant abutment and seat Implant Crown.$0.00$0.00

Denture Options

UA & LA are abbreviations of the terms UPPER ARCH and LOWER ARCH respectively.

Dental Surgery

Includes tooth removal and smooth bone during a single visit.

TreatmentOffice Fee
UA & LA | 3-4 Teeth$1,000
UA & LA | 5-7 Teeth$1,500
UA & LA | 8 or more teeth$1,900


Helps make surgery much easier for you. Many of our patients choose sedation for extractions. *Prices for Eagle Rock Surgical Center may vary.

TreatmentOffice Fee
IV Sedation$780
General Sedation at Eagle Rock Surgical Center$1,860


Removable prosthetics come in several levels to provide exactly what you would like done.

Level 1 Economy

Includes economy teeth with choice of shade/color. flat gingival architecture (gums), and 1 adjustment visit. These are usually considered trial or temporary dentures and will likely need a denture hard reline, soft tissue conditioning liner and adjustments after healing from extractions to fit well.

UA | LA$1,025

Level 2 Basic

Includes premium teeth (last longer. look more natural) with choice of shade. natural gingival architecture (gums). 2 soft tissue liners and up to 2 adjustment visits as needed in the first 6 months. You may need a denture hard reline after healing from extractions to fit well.

UA | LA$1,700

Level 3 Custom

Includes trial/economy denture during healing. and then (6 months later) a fully custom built/fit/designed premium denture for a natural looking smile -choice of shade. 2 soft tissue liners. and any adjustments needed for 6 months.

UA | LA$2,500

Denture Hard Line

Add material to existing denture base to create a better fit and stability.

UA | LA          $532

Soft Tissue Conditioning Liner

Add soft liner for comfort for sore spots or healing tissue.

UA | LA          $425

Denture Adjustment

Adjustment to existing denture for single sore spots or clasp adjustments.

UA | LA          $121


Stabilize dentures, allow 3-4 times better function, and prevent the need for denture adhesives.

Level 1 Mini Implants

Miniature Implant placement and attachment. Miniature implants do not have the same long-term expectation as full-size implants, but serve as a great alternative lower cost option. Mini-implants do not come with any warranty or guarantee after the bone has successfully healed to the implant. Replacement mini-implants are $500 each.

UA | LA          $4000/per arch

Level 2 Full-Size Implants

Full-size implants come with a 5 year warranty against fracture after the bone has healed. For the upper. full-size implants allow for the removal of the palate (roof of mouth) section of the denture.

UA | LA          $4,990/per arch