Clear Braces

Clear Braces work by using a series of clear aligners that start from your original mouth structure and end  with the desired alignment and bite. Each time an aligner is swapped for a new one, pressure on the teeth is felt but will ease-up in just a few days. Clear Braces are less visible than the traditional Metal Braces most think of when you hear about someone wearing braces. They are an alternative to Metal Braces with some key differences. 

Clear Braces are a lot less noticeable than Metal Braces. You can often attend any social event without needing to remove them for close conversation or photos. But, you do have that option. 

Clear Braces are easier to clean for both your teeth and the alinger equipment. They can also be removed in moments of temporary uncomfortableness. 

The disadvantage of Clear Braces is a limited ability to resolve more serious orthodontic needs. Clear Braces are better suited for simple correction issues, not major bite adjustments. 

Foothills Dental manufactures clear braces called Smile Design that are less costly than metal braces and even top competitor clear braces brands such as Invisalign because we don’t have the markup of a middle-man. And, if you are a subscriber to our Healthy Smiles subscription service, you can get a discounted cost on your clear braces treatment. 

All consultations are free. Schedule one to review your questions and determine the best route to go for you to achieve your desired smile.  

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