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General Dentistry

We want you to smile everyday by keeping dental decay miles away.

A common sentiment from patients utilizing our services for emergency care is a sense of regret. Regret that professional routine cleanings and examinations were not part of their personal wellness habits. Regular dental check-ups stop minor dental issues from becoming expensive and more time-consuming treatments. The saying is  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, this is true. However; the reality is a dollar of prevention saves hundreds in treatment recovery.

A general dentist is one that can do most procedures and does not specialize in one specific area. All of our Foothills Dental providers are general dentist meaning that they can complete crowns, fillings, root canal treatments and whitenings in a single appointment at a singular location.

The most important treatment under General Dentistry is a patient’s routine exam. These routine exams provide a comprehensive look at your mouth’s current situation and add extra layers of protection for your teeth. Routine exams include a thorough examination of the teeth and mouth, x-rays and a professional cleaning.

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The value of routine exams cannot be understated. 

Our dentists look at the condition of past treatments such as crowns or implants to ensure that they are free of breakage that can lead to pain or infection. Nearly invisible pockets can develop on the tooth or gums that can only be spotted with the help of professional dental tools. In-depth examinations of your head, neck, face, jaw joints and lymph nodes can screen for signs of cancer. 

General Dentistry is the best way to take care of your oral health. Participating in routine dental care is both valuable for your health, self-esteem and financial interest.

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