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Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile a gift to so many people; everyday.

The smile is a principal focal point for communication and expression. It’s often the first thing another person notices about us and its condition leaves a long-lasting impression with others. Cosmetic Dentistry is a lot more than a fresh coat of bleach on the teeth and a deep cleaning. It’s about recovering the mouth and restoring visibly damaged areas to a healthy standard. Our cosmetic dentistry treatments enhance your smile and bring a powerful lift in your confidence and appeal.

Foothills Dental offers our Extreme Makeover treatments that repairs damage done to teeth and functionality to the mouth. You will chew better, speak with more confidence, and begin a powerful defense against future tooth decay. The extreme makeovers are not just to fix broken or decayed teeth; they are also able to change a smile when you are not happy with either length, shape, or color. 

Before and After of teeth after a cleaning

Extreme Makeovers are highly unique and individualized treatments. We start with a consultation to review where your smile is at and what outcome you desire. Offering an array of services such as veneers, implants, clear braces and teeth whitening; we’ll transform your smile from one you may want to hide to one you won’t stop showing off.

Our dentists love to do Extreme Makeover treatments. They find it as one of the most fulfilling services Foothills Dental provides. It allows a patient to take full advantage of their techniques that aren’t always required in routine cleanings. Think of it as both an art and a science!

You don’t have to go another day with toothless smiles or suffer from missing, damaged or discolored teeth.

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